ARC: more frustration

Hi Roon,

Great to be able to acces local music, to use Qobuz in ARC, to use my playlists on the go…but.

Qobuz tracks are not being served through my server at home. This must be the reason DSP is missing? More importantly: an app on my server puts it to sleep if there is no network action. So after 10 minutes a Qobuz track in ARC stops playing, I have to wake my server via WOL and start the track again. That’s useless.

Why not keep the server awake then you might ask. Well: I hate wasting power. In topic “Roon is preventing Windows from sleeping” Roon technical support wrote: “We are still looking into this, and in fact, there was progress on this issue recently for the Mac side of things.” The topic is 4,5 years old.
If I go through topic “Server Sleep and Wake on LAN” from 2015, I understand that Roon thinks servers should be on 24/7?

I am happy Roon develops new software. But I would much rather have you solve old issues first. I payed a lot of money for a lifetime licence. To much if you do not come up with a solution.
Can you let me know if:

  • there ever wil be a WOL solution, and if so: how long wil this take to implement?
  • there ever wil be a solution for Roon preventing Windows from sleep, and if so: how long will this take?

By the way: why can I download music in the Qobuz app but not in ARC/Qobuz? And there must be a good reason not to give the ‘old’ Roon app mobile connectivity? And the last one: with the new Roon 2.0 I can’t play local music without an i-net connections I just read: why??? This was one of the reasons I chose Roon in the first place…as the title says: more frustration.

Thanks in advance.

Qobuz needs to be on board for that to work. I think they want control over downloads due to licensing reasons, and not hand over downloads to a third party app like Roon.