ARC music downloads are using up my Apple storage plan

Hi, apologies if this has been covered already. It seems that Apple Device backups is also backing up my downloaded Roon music, which I don’t really want since I already have a copy of it on my Roon Server. The result of this is that I can’t actually backup my phone as it used more space than is available in my storage plan, and really this is of no value to me.

I could of course upgrade the storage plan, but with the storage capacity of phones these days, the maximum tier of Apple backups being relatively small and from memory multiple device backups needing to be created it’s not going to be a long term solution.

My thought is that there must be some way of tagging, or locating the Roon downloaded music where it is not included in the device backup. Or perhaps Roon can think of something else clever to do.

So this request is to see if that would be possible.


The data (offline music) is included with the app so the only way to stop it is to remove ARC from the backup. Most music apps are the same.

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Yes, obviously it’s included with the app, but aren’t we lucky this forum has a direct line to the developers, so that they could exclude it from the app if they wanted for were able.

Apple ID>iCloud>iCloud Backup>(your device)>Show All Apps
Toggle Roon off

Edit: Oops. I used Roon as an example but you can do this with Roon Arc as well


If you want it as a feature then raise a feedback, feature suggestions :+1:

I wrote about this last year and Roon responded to investigate this. No update on this yet though…

This is not normal behavior as apps can exclude files like these from their backups (Netflix, Qobuz, Spotify Podcast apps…) and should not be a feature request rather than a bug report to be honest.

Thankyou for clarifying, that was my sense, but I haven’t made the time in to investigate. In the interim I have just disabled it from backup.