ARC must have's

Love that we can take Roon with us now using ARC. However, I’m anxious for next version which will hopefully address 2 key items for me.

  1. Need to support landscape mode on my IPAD-Mini tablet. I have IPAD mini permanently mounted landscape in my car with output through an Alpine processor to custom car stereo. The current version is stuck in portrait mode, which makes it impossible to use.

  2. Android Auto support - I’m guessing this is pretty high on the to-do list. When in my wife’s car (without the custom stereo) which we tend to use for longer road-trips, it would be great to have an integrated Android Auto experience.

Hope to see these two items addressed in near future.

These are feature request, not must have’s. You should post this in the feature request area.

I have moved the topic to the Feature Request section.


Support for Android Auto and a proper iPad app are already separate feature requests suggest you vote there rather than here.