ARC-No Shuffle?

Please addd shuffle feature

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Its there next to the play button

No option to shuffle entire library, like on the remote

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I agree 100% … abilty to shuffle my entire library would be the single most useful feature for mobile listening when in the car.

I have Apple Music for that very purpose, just go to “tracks” and then select shuffle for random play.

Please add shuffle play to ARC.

:100: wish that shuffle should work on ARC with your library.

Yes, please add Shuffle of all Library tracks – this is how I normally start playing Roon desktop.

I can understand doing this with a large playlist or a focused or bookmarked selection, but unless you have a very limited and narrow focused/genre library it would be unlikey for most uses as a needed feature. In my use case I have 300K+ tracks in my library shared with family so playing everything randomly would just be a total mess…some includes comedy and audio books too.

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