ARC not downloading all songs in playlist [Investigating - Ticket in]


Has anyone seen the issue where not all tracks in a playlist download using ARC? I have a playlist with 215 tracks and click to download playlist on my iPhone and the downloads queue shows 166 tracks to download. On my son’s iPhone last night the queue showed 86 I think. What would prevent all songs from downloading for offline use, and how do you see why some tracks won’t download?


Are all of the tracks in your local library? ARC can only download tracks from your local library.

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Sorry for not mentioning that. Yes, all local. I do not have Roon connected to any online sources.

Hi @Michael_Marley,

I’d like to take a look at this with you.

Will you please duplicate the issue and give me the date/time/track in question? I would also want to know the file format and size on disk for the tracks in question. This will allow us to dig much deeper and perhaps resolve this!


Thanks for offering to assist. This is for my son who I am trying to ween off of Spotify now that Arc exists. :grinning:

I am an album guy myself but he likes having playlists. The issue here has something to do with playlists I think. Those same songs that won’t download have no issues when downloading them as an album or individually. So there is not an issue with the tracks themselves it seems. Perhaps having a large playlist downloaded causes issues? This particular playlist has just under 300 tracks.

I am not sure how can troubleshoot this together but I really want to solve it. Thanks and hopefully you can try to replicate with large playlists?

Hi @Michael_Marley,

It looks like we have a ticket open on this topic. We are working on a solution for you and others as we speak so please bear with us.


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