ARC not working on Samsung Galaxy A50

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC running ROCK, connected directly to router.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Home Hub 2000 DSL Modem/Router → Linksys Velop Mesh system in bridge mode

Connected Audio Devices

HiFiBerry Digi+ attached via Ethernet cable to Linksys VELOP Pod which is attached by Ethernet cable to router

HiFiBerry DAC+ attached via Ethernet cable to another Linksys VELOP pod which is connected via Wfi to above Linksys pod

Dell XPS 15 laptop

Samsung A50 phone

Amazon Fire tablet

Number of Tracks in Library

55411 tracks

Description of Issue

ARC sometimes works for a few seconds on the Samsung phone, but then freezes and none of the controls work. At other times it simply does not work at all and is already frozen when the app is opened.

It is working fine on the Fire tablet, so the problem seems to be with the phone.

The app will sometimes give an error message saying “You’re offline”, but I’m not.

Regarding your phone. It’s a 2019 handset, is it updated to Android 11 and not able to update further. I also recall it has and Exynos chipset.

I had one and didn’t like that particular model.

I have a M52 on Android 12 which has a Snapdragon chipset.

I know it is unlikely to be the Exynos chipset, but I have never been keen on them.

I’m assuming you may not have another phone to use. It might be worth borrowing a friend’s to try a different device.

Is the device rooted?

It’s not rooted, no.

It is updated to Android 11.

I can try my wife’s phone and see.

Hello, @support.


Did you try your wife’s device?

Otherwise, the best suggestions are to clear the app cache in settings, force stop and reopen, and uninstall/reinstall (try them all honestly).

I will continue to monitor this thread so please keep me posted.


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It seems to work on every other device other than my phone.

The measures you suggested only worked temporarily, then the problem reappeared.

As it happens, I am getting a new phone (Not just because of this issue, it’s just sort of the last straw) so hopefully that should resolve things. Will let you know.

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Replaced the phone with a Samsung S20 FE and now it’s working. I guess I’ll never know what the problem was on the other phone, but I can live with that.

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