Arc offline downloads only with screen on

This is perhaps intended but if I select a few albums to download for offline listening, I can’t leave the app or let the screen turn off because it seems like it stalls the downloads. If I open the app and make sure the screen stays on then they will download.
This is on iOS / Iphone

I am now seeng this. They just don’t move at all in the background this is broken really.

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Yes please, if this is a feature request. I have not tried it. But in the Qobuz app it is the same problem. The screen has to be on for downloads. This is not convenient.

You don’t need the screen on, it downloads in the background, but the status/progress of the downloads doesn’t update live whilst you’re on the screen. If you navigate away from that screen, then return you’ll see the download process will be updated.

But the physical file downloads do still work in the background. On my iPhone app.

In your case perhaps in mine it’s very different and they never updated status became a mess and unstable.

On my Android 13 phone the downloads appear to be throttled when the screen turns off. I’ve been watching my router’s traffic monitor on 5GHz with my phone being the only device on 5GHz.

I thought I was being clever by extending the time before the display turns off, but after downloading a few albums in a row the phone gets too warm and the downloads are throttled again.

I had only three albums to download overnight and none had downloaded. Opened the phone in morning and went to the app and then they started downloading.

People might need to be careful to be specific when discussing this. There might not be one behaviour. For a start we have the iOS and the Android worlds. Do both of those behave the same way? And then for the iOS world, which is the only one I know, do people have their phones set up with background refresh set globally to off (as I do?) or if not then does Roon ARC have permission to run in the background?

I did change my auto-off setting to “never’ when I did a huge download, plugged my phone into the charger because it was burning up battery like crazy, and left Roon ARC in the foreground. I have no idea what would have happened if I hadn’t done those things but since I have background refresh off for everything I suspect the download would have paused but hopefully not aborted. As it happens I managed a 2.5 hour 45GB download but my phone was effectively out of use for anything else during that time.

Does anyone know if this has been addressed with recent updates? It’s rather annoying.
For some reason, downloading over WiFi maxes the phone’s CPU usage as well, as the phone becomes a furnace in 60-90 seconds.