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So Sunday I downloaded a bunch of tracks from Roon into my phone through Arc. Then turned my core off (since I can’t really access it anyway cause of limitations of my router). Well the tracks worked on Monday for a few hours then at the end of the day it prompted me to login and said no core found (it wasn’t on) and wouldn’t let me access any of my downloads.

So it seems like Roon offline mode is definitely not like any offline mode.

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Today it did it again. I was going on a run after I’ve been away from my core (it’s been off all day and Roon isn’t on since I’m copying files). So the offline I could access it n the afternoon and evening unable to access.

This is alarming cause if you have a power outage or internet goes down, so does all your download material as well. I can understand not having your non downloaded material but downloaded stuff you need to have access to.

So “Offline Mode” requires you be online, at least after a few hours? Seems to defeat the whole point of Offline Mode. :roll_eyes:

Based on my experience and reading other’s, it seems Offline Mode is not ready for prime time. :frowning:


That’s what I’m thinking. It won’t make sense to have offline mode especially if you download favorites and your core is down but you are still paying for Roon (which could be accessible through the cellular network).

Just think of a long plane trip and you are in airplane mode. After 12 hours the Roon arc is essentially useless.

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Hi @Abrahams_Bogere ,

Thanks for the report here.

When ARC prompted you to login, did you turn off Offline mode on the app or try to sync your ARC with your Core (slide-down refresh or something like that)?

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date + track playing (if applicable) and let us know here? We can try to enable logging for your account to see if logs have any further clues.

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Let me check. I think I may have done something by disabling the offline. I will test out my offline experience further.

But yeah if it’s not enabled and it logs you out. You for sure can’t log back in to access your downloads.

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