ARC offline listening not saved in Activity


A few days ago I noticed that when I play my offline music stored in ARC, Roon does not track it in my „Recent Listening“ section (it does show up in „Recent activity“ though). I would have thought that whenever ARC reconnects to the core it syncs „Recent listening“ back to the core even when listening to offline music.

Has anybody else noticed this and is this expected behaviour?

Yeah, it seems ARC does no play caching. scrobbles are cached, however.

Not noticed this myself will have a look into it. If this using ARC in offline mode or just downloaded files?

Mine tend to fall behind (mainly on my iphone), but after a reboot or throwing the app away and restarting (and sometimes kicking in Tailscale) they come through and are shown in the right place in Roon and feed back to
It is a strange one.

Both. ARC in offline mode without connection to the core and online and connected to the core but playing offline files.

Well I don’t see this updates for me on the home page as recently played from a downloaded file. It also feeds back from offline mode when it’s back in online mode which is to be expected it can’t feedback when in offline mode as it’s well offline.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t know if I read your comment correctly, but “Recent activity” in Roon Home updates correctly even when playing offline files once ARC re-connects with the core. The thing that ARC does not feed back to the Roon core is “Recent listening” statistics. Only with an active Roon connection, ARC playback is recorded in “Time listened” and “Your top artists” etc.

I like this statistic aspect of Roon, so would prefer also offline playback to be accounted for in this section.

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I see you mean this bit no your right doesnt show up their oddly, but does in recent plays

Correct. “Recent listening” is not updating with music stored offline. Neither when Arc is on- nor offline.

I can’t seem to replicate this. I did a little listening in offline mode on yesterdays commute and I can see it both in History and Recent Listening in Roon, and I can see the scrobbles. It might be intermittent? (This was all on Iphone 14)

I say it might be intermittent as I do get some odd behaviour with Arc - e.g. I just used it ‘online’ to listen to two tracks while walking to get lunch. First track I listened to is missing from history screens in Roon and, second track is visible in all.

Thanks Kevin. I just tested again as I remembered installing updates for Roon and ARC yesterday and it seems everything updates for offline music as well now for me. I tested with ARC in airplane mode, quit the app and reopened again back online and it correctly syncs the song history and Recent listening sections. Same obviously when ARC is connected to the core playing offline music. So for me at least, this topic can be closed. But regarding your issue there might to be some inconcistency still.

I’m on the latest and it didn’t work for me in the stars section so something is not consistent all my online stuff shows up by the album I downloaded and played does not.

Something new I’ve run into a couple of times now: playing music via ARC in offline mode (or without a 4G) connection, returning home, seeing ARC sync with my Roon Server (recent played activity + plays for the album I was last playing), then the Roon Server getting stuck (visible because my Roon remotes and Roon desktop software get stuck on the loading icon for anything I click on), having to reboot my Roon Server and finding out the plays have disappeared. Seems like a syncing bug.