Arc on CGNAT help!

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys Velop Mesh router

Connected Audio Devices

Stack audio link II
Denafrips Gaia and Pontus II
Hegel H390

Number of Tracks in Library

60000 +

Description of Issue

So, my isp uses CGNAT, and they won’t disable it or give me static IP as for some reason they don’t offer that to residential clients.

From what I understand, port forwarding will not work on CGNAT. I’ve tried it, both using upnp and manually entering port forwards on both the isp modem and the Linksys router.

Is there any relatively easy way to get around this for someone who isn’t a networking expert? I’ve already spent too much time reading about networking and port forwarding and i’m not sure I can handle any more heavy technical things. Wish roon could make this accessible for all sorts of common issues without delving too much into advanced technical solutions…well, advanced for me at least. :sob:

Any solutions people can give for this issue or should I just forget about using ARC altogether?

Many thanks :pray:

Currently no if your isp won’t budge, you need to look at a vpn style solution such as Tailscale which is as plug n play as you can get for this type of stuff or just forget it and move on.


As @CrystalGipsy has said Tailscale works great for this and is well worth investigating. There is a thread on this forum explaining the settings, you just need a device to run it on (I use my Synology)

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Hmmm, okay worth a shot. Thing is, my core is a Nucleus with a hard drive inside of it, don’t have any other computer running 24/7. I mean, I have a MacBook but I don’t leave that on plugged in all day. Sorry, what a disaster I am, so Tailscale needs to be installed on a running computer while i’m away correct?

I just switched from a residential ISP contract to a small- business one (no actual business required) which miraculously costs essentially the same and includes a public routable IPv4 for business server use. I’d ask my ISP about such an option.

Else Tailscale etc as others wrote

Yes it would need to be installed on a computer that was left running 24/7.

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