ARC on iPhone Keeps logging out.. Car stereo

Roon Core Machine

2020 Mac mini (M1) core. 16GB RAM. Latest Mac 12.6 OS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synology RT2600ac all wired on Cat 7

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue


On first start up of vehicle when Pressing play on my Car are Van stereo over CarPlay it seems to log out of ARC app on my iPhone so I have to log back in again. (It seems to show the last track + cover on CarPlay as it shows on ARC app if I look on the iPhone and the on CarPlay they match ok)

Pressing play on iPhone first seems to be the only why I can get it to work without it logging out of ARC app, after this If I do not turn the Car are Van stereo off it all works fine and it does not log out of the ARC app.

I know there is no CarPlay set up for ARC at present but I was under the impression that the standard interface Play stop next track showing cover should work on first connection?

Can I just say a big thank you for finally being able to have all my collected music with me in the Car & Van it works Great on all my travels thanks Roon team :slightly_smiling_face:

Music needs to be queued up and either playing or paused for the CarPlay music player to function.

Next time this occurs, rather than signing in, close the app and reopen. Please tell me if that works for you.

I set up at a queue with Roon radio last nite press play, then paused it. This morning I pressed play on CarPlay and it did not work for me and it logged out of the app again.
Is there a time limit to set this queue up?

Instead of putting my username and password back again I did, as you suggested I close the application waited a few seconds then loaded it again it did not need me to re-enter my credentials again and it had the queue and where I had paused it last night, and it worked as normal,thank you for this, saves me a bit of time.

I think this is one for @support to take a look at.

Thanks for the help its not the biggest problem on here at the moment so Im not in a rush, Think port forwarding is which is a shame because once it’s working it is so worth the effort…

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I’m still sussing out how to reply to you correctly its been awhile since I have used forms :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi @GillysHere ,

Thanks for the report here. Can you please let us know what happens when you try to start playback from the ARC app itself? Does the issue still reproduce?

The next time this happens, can you please let us know the exact local time + date + track playing when you see this?

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Hi, Yes if I use the app first, it all works fine.

I have just removed my DS audio app (Synology) from my CarPlay as I don’t need it now … So it seems to have stopped ARC from logging out now?.. If I press play on CarPlay first it just doesn’t do anything and then if I get my iPhone and put ARC on press play on the iPhone and can now use CarPlay as normal and see cover. Don’t know why this had happened since removing DS audio, but at lest it’s stopped logging out now so I’m just setting it off on my iPhone first for it to work… Here is some pictures of me setting up a quick queue before 4:30h ish before I get in the van time at top

Now connected to CarPlay there is no info are cover and if I press play nothing happens (but now ARC doesn’t log out now)

Just thought it would play from CarPlay from the get go as I have paused it on ARC is it because my iPhone has gone to sleep before hand?

I forgot to open my ARC app before connecting to CarPlay today and it had locked me out again I took screenshots so you can see the times.

I Quit ARC then reloaded it here is the screenshots and time this time it works fine

Sorry forgot to put Date in it’s all on screenshots, except the date which is as follows

Time: 09:15
Date: 26/09/22
Track: Atom Heart Mother


Hi @GillysHere ,

I know it has been a while since we last spoke, and I wanted to check in with you here, are you still seeing this issue? There have been several ARC releases in the meantime with stability improvements, I am hoping that one of them helped your case :crossed_fingers: , but do let me know if that is not the case, thanks!

HI Noris,

I am still having problems if I do not log in on the ARC app before I let my iPhone cone to car Play it logs out and I have to quit the app and reload it so it has my credentials in to work. I have got in a habit to this now but its frustrating when I forget to do this for eight into the car are van.

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