ARC performance vs Core performance

Does the performance of ARC depend on the capabilities of the Roon core? Will a faster core translate to a better ARC experience?

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The way I understand ARC, the core machine’s performance matters only if you stream your local library and only if you use DSP. When you stream from an online service, the core is not in the picture.

Plus, in marginal cases, when streaming the local library and having ARC settings that downsample or encode in lossy codecs. That work is also done on the Core (though normally shouldn’t be an issue)

There is no DSP in arc. You mean the bandwidth transcoding as the core converts the file format based on your bandwidth settings, also library updates are as

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Volume leveling, as a mild form of DSP

I do a combination of both. Currently having problems with cover art. Album art shows up fine on my IPhone, but no artwork in Carplay. I was just wondering if a faster core would improve that aspect of ARC. I guess the answer is probably not.

I think missing artwork in CarPlay is frequently reported and seems more like a software (compatibility) issue

If your core meets Roons required specs then not really. However more Ram makes Roon better from a library management angle if you have a large library and will translate to a better arc experience as it has to connect to update it’s library.

I haven’t tried this, but what happens if you use an external DAC that supports higher sample rates? Wouldn’t core up-sample the signal when using ARC if so configured?

No it doesn’t handle dsp at all except volume leveling on the device but it’s same as source or downsample to 44.1 if you choose CD quality or transcode to opus if your bandwidth limited.

I stream arc into my android auto into my truck and I get album art.

Many people get album art with CarPlay as well, while others don’t get it with Auto. Seems to depend on many things