ARC: Playback Hang when using 48hkz [Resolved]

I downloaded the Arc App and was very excited to use it, but it hasn’t been stable for me while using my cellular service. I had a full set of bars indicating the maximum cellular signal and an error message kept populating, “poor connection”. I gave up….

See attached pic and look at the cellular signal in the top right corner. It doesn’t get any better connection then that.

Is it possible that the other end at your home is underperforming or is using the majority of your bandwidth?

knowing more about your set up on the cell side and the home side would be good (service providers and plans)

@danny I have Verizon Fios, 1GB download/upload speed, core on dedicated Mac mini, hard wired with ethernet cable. I just conducted a speed test for my home internet with the Fios app and the test results were as follows; download speed 946.57 Mbps/upload speed 894.18 Mbps.

My home network is good and not struggling at all. Not sure what the culprit is? I’ll test the app again tomorrow.

I have the same plan… Probably not the FiOS

What’s on the cell side?

@danny See screenshot below.

I have the same but only with streaming 48khz flacs on mobile connection.

It seems that the opus encoder can’t resample 48khz flacs.

If you setup arc to stream full quality, the 48khc flac streams perfectly.


@goat I’ll try that….


@danny I can simulate this over and over again.

take a flac 48 khz:

when playing on WiFi: it streams to ARC perfectly in original format:

but i switch to mobile and ‘Automaticly pick best quality’
I allways get this behaviour:
first the circle is turning for like 30 seconds, and the track doesnt start

afterwards you get the poor connection error:

when you switch to play the original format:
it works perfeclty on the mobile connection:

it seems to be a problem in the transcoding via the Opus encoder.

I also did tests with 96 Khz flac, no problem there
also 192, no issue

it seems to be only the case with 48 Khz flac files… (as far as I can test)

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we are looking into this and getting a fix out in the next release if possible.


@danny Awesome…. Thanks

Thank you for the detailed reports @goat and @DBT.

The fix is in review - we’ll provide updates here. The developers are confident they’ve identified the issue with transcoding.

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