ARC playback problem


I’m using Roon ARC in conjunction with an external portable DAC – a Topping G5, connected via USB cable.

Music is stored on a QNAP TS251+. I stream some Qobuz albums as well.

I turned on the ‘Enable USB driver’ button to try and enable lossless audio. I get the pop up asking to give Roon ARC permission to use the DAC, which I allow. Everything seems OK.

If I then select a track to play it gives the impression of playing (seconds ticking up), but I get no audio through my headphones.

If I turn off the ‘Enable USB driver’ button, and restart Roon ARC, music will play fine again, but only at ‘High quality’ level.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it possible to get lossless quality in this way? Am I missing a setting somewhere perhaps?



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