ARC playlists issue

Opened ARC playlists to create one and it is populated with hundreds of playlists of artists I have not listened to in Roon or ARC. How did they get there and how do I batch delete them? Same story for a new profile I just set up.

Hi, @Tomme_Schwab. Thank you for your post. Could you, please, check if the “Shared playlists” option is turned off?



The setting was on. I turned it off and the playlists disappeared but where did they come from? I set up a second profile for my son but he has not yet loaded the app. Additionally two additional identical profile bubbles appear in ARC in my sons name which I don’t understand. Why? Thank you very much.

Hi @Tomme_Schwab,

In the interest of curiosity and making sure ARC works correctly for all, can you provide a screenshot of your profiles in ARC and the playlists that populate? Does the situation change if you go to settings and select Reset Roon ARC?