ARC "poor connection" message even on home network

ARC 1.0.32 build 145, iPhone 13
ROCK core 2.0 build 1211

According to Roon remote, I’m all good to go with ARC. Go to my phone to download some music for off-line listening ahead a journey later today, and I repeatedly get a “poor connection” message from ARC, even the phone has a good connection to the home wifi.

I’ve rebooted the core but symptom persists.

I get this a lot of time iI start ARC on my Fiio DAP,I have to close the app and restart and it seems to then connect with no issues. It’s annoyingly as on same network iPhone doesn’t get this. Also has this away from home as I am now on my Sisters WIfi it’s inconsistent behaviour as to if it connect or not.

I “fixed” it by deleting Arc off my phone and reinstalling. A pain as I have to redownload all my offline music. I’m an infrequent user of Arc, but it has been so much hassle, looking forward to a stable version.

Sometimes a “reset ARC” from the settings menu corrects this.

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But we really should not have to keep doing this under any circumstances.

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Coming from the industrial automation field and paying 10’s of thousands for software that still needs constant revisions and controls dangerous machinery, this is not an issue for hobbyist audio. Imho.

I know the software I use for my day job costs 3k per license and it’s full of bugs years old that they don’t address.

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