ARC Quit Updating

Roon Core says I’m connected to ARC. Using Ethernet. Strong Wifi. However, ARC is missing the 50 latest Albums added to Core/Remote. All attempts to refresh ARC on local wifi network by pulling down screen have not helped. I see there is an ARC RESET" button in ARC, but I cannot find any info on what happens when you use it, so not sure if it is a path to a remedy. Any/all help welcome. Thank you.

Update – I decided ARC was not updating because 50 albums had been added that were not showing up on the home screen as Recently Added. Now I see that the albums WERE added, but none of them can be seen on the HOMEPAGE. Also updates to Playlist names and lists have not been made, and the latest album artist photos have not been added. So my issue is a little different than first thought, but still an issue. Thanks for any help or diagnoses.

Resetting removes all your downloads in ARC and resets all ARC settings. You will also need to log in again. It doesn’t have any effect on the core or other remotes. It’s not a huge hassle unless you have lots of downloads, and may well be better than messing around with problems for a long time. It has cured weird issue for other users as well.

Thank you. As you may have read most of the updating/refreshing seems to be working, but for what reason I don’t know. NP. However, I am confused about what items in my local/Tidal library can be downloaded. Currently, as I browse albums, only those items in my local library (owned) show the download icon, not TIDAL. But Tidal albums that are part of a PLAYLIST download just fine - at least the majority. So not understanding the conflicting behaviors here. Let me know if you have any insights. Thanks again.

So, I’ve just tried to create a new playlist with a new Tidal album. The playlist showed up, but even after refreshing 6-7 times, still no download icon. If it takes some time - 2 hrs? 3 days? - I hope your or roon will set some expectations. Thanks.

You can’t download tidal albums; it’s just not allowed in the licensing deals. Only the Tidal app is granted such features. This is all set by the labels and their deals and nothing Roon can do about it.

Yes, but it is possible that a reset might fix what doesn’t work, like the missing albums on the homepage

This is correct and as intended. Tidal/Qobuz (or their contracts with the labels) allows downloading only within their own apps.

If you download a playlist, only the local tracks on the playlist can be downloaded