Arc Radio Only Plays 1 Artist [Ticket in]

When I start Radio in Arc, it only plays music from the artist where I started, and it doesn’t go to similar artists, like it does when I use the Roon app at home.

Is the Roon radio functionality not available via Arc?

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The button is there for tracks, so I think it should work :slight_smile: But I have a different issue and it plays only one track and then stops

Hi, @Ali_Shafai, thank you for your report. Am I getting it right that you are pressing using the “Start radio” button on artist details page and not the “Play Now” button?



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I get the same problem. I’m on the Artist page. I press the ellipsis at the top right hand corner, and then select ‘Play Radio’. It plays one song and then stops.

I did it a bit differently but same result - I went to the menu of a single track and did Start Radio from there.

Correct. I am pressing ‘Start Radio’, and not simply ‘Play Now’.

And, I see a couple of different use cases now:

In one use case and for 1 artist [Kupla] in particular, Radio is working as expected, where it plays tracks by him and others in the genre where he resides.

I have been playing this artist a lot, so could it be that Roon Arc [knows] the artist and is adapting, whereas for others that may not have had as much play time, it doesn’t know where to go?

In all other use cases, Radio ONLY plays tracks from the artist’s own collection or where they may have collaborated with others. But, in all tracks being played, the artist is represented.

The other thing that I see is that with all but the exception noted above, I got this message, where it sits on the screen around 7 seconds or so, before finding the next track to play.

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I am having this issue as well; if ARC is controlled by the core, then how could the same artist radio not work and/or be so different than when I play it at home?