ARC/Roon issues with ipads

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Archer A10

Connected Audio Devices

Anthem MRX1140 w/ Rpi endpoint
Denon3600 w/ Rpi endpoint

Number of Tracks in Library

< 1000

Description of Issue

I have two iPads. Updated to Roon 2.0 and:
First IPAD - allowed ARC update and ARC appears to work, Roon will not work, Opens to update Available page and just has a spinning icon on the core line.

Second IPAD - Opened to update available page and updated core. Then auto sent to App Store download page for Roon remote and no button to download app available on app page. Roon still works and ARC shows up in the settings page but still no download button available on App Store page.

Very confusing.

I had the same problem as your first iPad. Also the same on my iPhone.

I uninstalled then reinstalled the Roon app. It appears to be working now.

Sorry to hear. Hopefully someone will know a fix!

Ross, it’s late I misunderstood your reply the first time. I did the same, thanks for your help. Now to figure out the other iPad.

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Assuming it’s not a really old version of the iPad, uninstalling and searching the app store for Roon Remote instances.

If you go to your settings on the iPad, from there search for Roon Remote and select it. Try clicking on Reset Roon Remote on next startup and see if that fixes the issue. Also, be sure that the iPad isn’t trying to utilize any cellular connections and is strictly on Wi-Fi.


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