ARC - Roon Radio - Skip Track After Starting Shows Nothing Playing [Resolved]

So when I started radio and let the first song play out, it did continue to the next track. Also then when I clicked next it worked. It seems like if you try to next the first track immediately that’s when the problems happen. But it’s still obviously a bug.


Yep, definitely has to be a bug because if you look at the playlist you can see Roon Radio has picked out the next track to play but skipping stops the music entirely.


Hi @Chikolad / @Ross_Danby ,

Thanks for the reports here!
We are aware and looking into this issue.

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Hi @Ross_Danby and @Chikolad,

We’ve resolved this issue with last week’s release of ARC 1.0.2. Please see the release notes here and update to the latest version of ARC, if you haven’t already. Roon Radio should no longer enter a Nothing Playing state after skipping tracks.


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