ARC Server side logging?

Where are the ARC Server logs?

I’m currently troubleshooting a VPN connectivity issue but not finding any logging server side for ARC. Is there a log file?

Thank you!

Hey @ipeverywhere,

My extreme apologies for the delay here. I also wanted to formally thank you for all the help you’ve shared on community!

Other than the error codes provided under your roon core settings > roon arc, we do not yet have a way for users to get ahold of arc logs through core logs (yet). If that changes, I will certainly reach out to via PM!


Thanks, even a way to turn on a toast (or whatever the ui thing is) in advanced settings that exposes the address/port when “poor connection” fires would be immensely helpful I think. Can you tell I have anxiety with no data to look at? :slight_smile:


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