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If ARC is set up automatically using UPnP, and then I go into the router and turn off UPnP, will ARC still work? Or does UPnP have to stay on in the router if ARC was set up that way?

If UPnP has to stay on, I guess I can use Port Forwarding instead if I don’t want to keep UPnP enabled in the router?

An explanation how this works is greatly appreciated by this novice. :blush:

With my router, as soon as I turn off UPnP all entries are deleted. I would imagine all routers would work that way as it would be illogical not to from an operational perspective. I setup a manual port forwarder and turn off UPnP on my router.

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UPnP just sets up the rule. Once created UPnP can be turned off as the rule exists.

I have not seen a situation where turning off UPnP removed previously created rules, but, different hardware, who knows.

It is easy enough to try out. Turn off UPnP and see if the rule stays.

If it doesn’t you can turn upnp back on or just add the rule manually.

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On my TP Link Archer A7, if I turn off UPnP, all entries in the UPnP service list are removed. This makes perfect sense from an operational standpoint. I would expect any router to behave the same way.

Thanks for the feedback.:+1:

When my new router arrives I guess I’ll just have to test it and see what happens.

My AT&T U-Verse router doesn’t even do UPnP. I just set up a pinhole for the Roon ARC port.

My current old Netgear router has UPnP, but it didn’t work with ARC. I had to figure out how to manually set up port forwarding (until ARC, I had never heard of these things :relaxed:).

What does “…set up a pinhole…” mean?

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It’s a term for post forwarding, I suppose.

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I installed the new router today. ARC set up automatically via UPnP no problem. I then turned off UPnP and like you said, the ARC setup was deleted; ARC no longer worked. So I left UPnP off and manually set up Port Forwarding which seems to be working fine.

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