ARC - Sort downloads

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I have a feature request for Roon Arc.

I download a lot of albums to play on the go, but it’s hard to find something particular you’re looking for in the downloads list.
It would be nice if you could sort your downloads (just by artist name would already be good enough for me, but maybe also by date, genre, etc.)

This would make Arc so much more usable for me.
It’s ok when I’m just listening to the latest albums I’ve added, but whenever I’m looking for something older it takes so much time and effort to find it.
I’m sure this is something that other people would appreciate as well.

Don’t forget to vote for your suggestion!

This feature is already available :slight_smile:

Just go to Albums (instead of Downloads) and click download filtering icon. Then you will see only downloaded albums. And albums are sortable by Artist, Most played, Date added, Date & Title.


Oh nice, I had no idea this was a thing!
Thanks! :+1: