Arc - Tidal AAC 22khz (Ticket in)

I’ll keep this brief and simple.

I was just using Arc on my way to work when I stopped I thought I’d add an album to my library via the Arc app. I did so without checking what versions were available. I then did and found I’d added it as AAC 22khz. Not noticed this before.

I noticed before listening to it, so can’t say if I heard a difference. In my Works vehicle it’d be hard to say anyway.

Is this something new Tidal is spitting out for those using the Arc app or is this more common?

This was my 2018 analysis:

This needs to be revisited.


Hi, @AMT, thank you for you report. Could you, please, how did you discover that album before adding it to library (track suggested by Roon Radio, other album or artist recommendation widgets)? From which screen did you add it to your library?



From a manual search in the Arc app. Then added it my library. Then saw other versions were available. The AAC was found as if by default.

Thank you for the response.

Am I getting it right that by this:

You mean “Long tap on this album → Press the “Add to Library” button in the context menu that appears”



Searched by artists name. Found the album and selected the album, the added it by pressing the ‘+’ button next to the play now button. Didn’t long press the album as you suggested.

Doing it your way adds the extended version in Flac 44.1/6

That’s bizarre

the top currently viewed is on Tidal but the other is Qobuz.

No other options?

Found my mistake I choose the single not the album where there is an acc version.

Thank you, we will investigate this behaviour you described.

As for your screenshot, sorry, I am definitely missing something but all albums on your screenshot are marked as TIDAL. Could you, please clarify?



This was in relation to @Simon_Arnold3 screenshot post, now deleted.

I only use Tidal

First time seeing this.

iPAD Gen 7
iOS: 16.2
iOS app: 2.0 (build 1192)
R.O.C.K. 2.0 (build 1193)

Tidal still has plenty of albums in AAC, unfortunately.
I realize it could/should be 44Khz; but would still be lossy.
FYI There are 16 (!) versions of this album on Qobuz ranging from 16/44 FLAC to 24/96

Okay, I wasn’t aware of that.

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