ARC to show complete album and not the only "liked" song of the album

Hi there,

Numerous tread on this … Arc not showing all the songs of an album if you previously like a song of the very same album. The “versions” tab does not help, cause most often there is simply no version tab.
Cannot figure out why the hell we can only see the “like” song and not the full album

could u please consider a “fix” of this?


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It seems that you only added an individual track to the Roon library and not the full album?

yep correct. Only add an individual track to the library. Trouble is that since then i cannot scroll to the entire album version from Qobuz, i am stuck with this only individual song showing up.

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I see, but sorry, the only workaround I can see is to click the ⨁ button in ARC to add the whole album to the library. This works but of course then you have the whole album, which may not be what you want. But generally, Roon is very album centric.

I have the same trouble with ARC : When you add a song from an album to your library you can no longer see the remaining songs.
With the windows app, same problem but solve with a possibility “See complete album”…
But impossible with ARC.
All users looking for solution since 2 years we can read on this community chat