ARC Track Numbers

Can I just confirm that it is on purpose that track numbers are not visible anywhere in ARC, and is this a deliberate thing or has it for some reason just been overlooked and will they be added, there is no point in continuing to use it if the this has been done on purpose and they will never be added.

Surely someone knows?

Come on, surely there’s a developer who has the answer to this question?

Do developers read this forum?

Obviously the developers don’t read this forum, can someone point me to somewhere the developers read so I can get an answer please.

Hi Raf,

You are talking in the Feature Suggestions section. A better section would be Roon Software for that question, as more eyes would see it and respond.

Track numbers have never been in ARC. Track numbers were purposefully removed from the Android and iPhone Roon Remote apps in the 1.8 update. Given that they were removed from the Roon Remote app, I would guess the lack of them in ARC is intentional.

A quick search for “mobile track numbers” would have given you a number of threads to review. Like this one:

Thanks Daniel,

I did search but only for track numbers in ARC not mobile apps as I’ve never used the remote app on the mobile and I’m only concerned with ARC, also I would have though the developers would have kept a keen eye on the feature request more so that the general software forum but perhaps that’s just me? So I’ll see if I can get a response there.