ARC Volume level on mobile headphones lower than Roon App or Tidal

Roon Core Machine

iPhone 14 Pro Max using AK HC2 DAC

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Noticeably lower volume level using ARC vs Roon app or Tidal app on iPhone (Roon and Tidal are identical).

Do you have volume levelling turned on in ARC? Moreover, ARC volume is controlled by the iPhone volume controls, whereas Roon Remote controls (device) volume via the app.

It was set to Auto - I will turn it off and see what happens. That is probably the culprit!

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Hi @Frans,

Was that the fix?


On the Google Pixel 7 after plugging in the AudioQuest Dragon Cobalt and click OK to grant record permission, the volume blew my ears. Now I’m deaf. After pressing volume rocker up/down on the phone, volume seemed to go back to normal, but my ears are not normal now. How do I fix my ears. Thanks. HTH

I hope you don’t get tinnitus.

Hi @Frans,

Just checking in. Did an adjustment to volume leveling do the trick for you?


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