ARC with a sleeping iMac

Roon Core Machine

2017 iMac, Monterey

Connected Audio Devices

iFi Gryphon

Description of Issue

I tried to access my Roon core on my iMac when away from home and ARC could not find the core. Roon is running on the iMac. My mac sleeps. Shouldn’t ARC/Roon wake it? Otherwise, I don’t think it can work right.

There is an app available to stop your iMac from sleeping, it is called Amphetamine and is free.

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Mine is not going to sleep, you have to disable it. How did you get Monterey on 2007 iMac? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all. I prevented sleep, and that fixed it. The 2007 iMac was a typo. It is a 2017. I will enable sleep again, as I will rarely need the remote access. I have foggy memory of Amphetamine and Wake-on-LAN as well.

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