Arc with dynamic ip address?

Sadly i cant get started with roon 2.0 and arc yet as my core is on a slightly older mac mini running 10.13😩.

Some point soon i will have to replace it and get going but was just wondering about wether a static or dynamic ip address is required for arc to work. I am with telekom deutschland and have dynamic ip so every so often my ip adress on the outside world changes.

Will arc somehow know if my ip address has changed or will arc only work for internet services which offer a static ip address?

Wouldnt wanna splash out on a new mac mini just to find out it still doesnt work without static ip

Guessing but I’m assuming Roon have done it so…your core will update the roon cloud based servers with your public IP intermittently (or on changes) and when Arc connects to the cloud server first it gets given the public IP associated with your roon account (core)

That way using a WAN connection with DHCP (public address that changes) will be fine.

Thats what i was hoping to hear, just wanted a confirmation before i splash out on a new mac mini✌️

Yes, it works with dynamic IP. Almost nobody has static IP at home

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It’s just a guess.

Knowing Roon it’s probably trying to upload a BCD cobol file to a bulletin board server connected to a 300 baud modem in Peru.

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