ARC working only when Windows Firewall is off

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Pro x64 21H2 Build 22000.1042
CPU: Intel i7-8700K
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 8Gx2 DDR4-3000MHZ CL15

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Deco X20 Mesh Router (x2)
TP-Link 5-port simple switch

Connected Audio Devices

Android using Roon ARC

Number of Tracks in Library

13446 tracks.

Description of Issue

I’m trying to setup the new ARC app on my Oneplus 7Pro device.
The server is installed on my main-pc running Windows.
I have upnp enabled, i also tried creating a manual port forward to port 55000 (both TCP and UDP), and i added firewall rules manually (although they were added automatically by the installer as well).

No matter what i do, the second i enable Windows Firewall it stops working. If i leave it on disabled, it simply works - even without the need for the manual port forward.

Kiril, sorry to hear about your ARC configuration issues. Always best to keep your Windows firewall activated, so my first recommendation is to ensure that it is on.

Can you please provide information on who is your ISP, any network devices (such as another router or gateway) they have in your home, as well as the specific error message you are seeing in Settings → Roon ARC?

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Hey @Kiril_Steingart,

Mirroring what @Robert_F has followed up with, are you still running into issues here?

Let me know! Robert is steering you in the right direction with his follow-up questions :+1:

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