ARC works/doesn't

Roon Core Machine

HI SUPPORT: first at first glance I really like ARC KUDOS to your engineers !
ARC works great(sometimes and ROON is on on my new 2021 Mac mini M1 with 16 GB RAM)in my home in my vehicle it sometimes plays sometimes it doesn’t or says"POOR CONNECTION" or “OFF LINE”-- in my office it’s iffy
there appeared once under settings or that cogwheel icon “to download” now it doesn’t appear at all so there is no way to download and in COMMUNITY someone or you alluded to fact you can only download from your own playlists or albums is that true?
all my playlists are there and a selection of albums ect and of course TIDAL/Qobuz
My router is Spectrum WiFi 6 Router with both WiFi and Internet connected.
How do I know if port forwarding is enabled and UPnP or that NAT is on and if not how do I do it–everything I lookup or read is far beyond my intellectual capabilities and your suggestions are far too technical for me–isn’t there something simple to do all this?
BTW in my vehicle’s Alpine sound system and my iPhone 13 Carplay works and the SQ is great far far better than Siriusxm but if I drive away from my house it stops.
Appreciate yours or anyone’s help–am sure you are having lots of ‘bugs’ and I am very patient it’s not the end of the world good work!
My system is very simple the mac mini m1 the spectrum wifi 6 router other connections are for in home listening and always work perfectly–Schitt YGGY GS newest one and Rggy 2 just the amp also use occasionally explorer 2 DAC
pretty much same as @Dean_K above

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Spectrum WIFI 6

Connected Audio Devices

all USB mac mini 2021 M1 16 GB RAM
Explorer 2 MQA DAC(infrequently)

Number of Tracks in Library

30000 track 4200 albums and hundreds of playlists using both TIDAL&Qobuz

Description of Issue

see above

Hi @bobbmd,

I understand you’ve endured an extreme wait time for a response to your inquiry, so please accept my apologies on behalf of the team. We’ll be prioritizing this thread to make sure your issue is resolved as soon as possible.

First off, we’re glad to hear you’ve enjoyed ARC on first impression, even without full mobile functionality. To answer your question regarding downloads, it’s true that downloading is limited to local library content at this time. There are licensing complications with TIDAL and Qobuz offline playback that prohibit them from allowing for this feature outside of their own app - unfortunately, it’s well beyond Roon, and at the level of the agreements with PROs, labels, and distributors, so we’re not sure if we’ll be able to fully implement streaming service playlist downloading in ARC anytime soon.

As for port forwarding, if you’re able to play music when ARC is outside the home and not connected to the same internet connection as your Core (your home WiFI), then port forwarding is working. However, the poor connection message you’re seeing may be do to a number of factors:

  1. Actual connectivity on your phone. Do you have five bars/LTE/5G, or are you relying on a 4G or roaming connection in your vehicle?
  2. If you’re on guest WiFi or your employer’s WiFi, there may be enterprise security interfering with ARC’s ability to reach your Core.
  3. Your upstream connection from your Core could be slow in certain conditions. Is your Core connected via ethernet, or WiFi?

We’ll be watching for your response.

Thanks but I have temporarily given up on ARC you have really good innovations but make them far too complicated and buggy and ask too many technical questions in order to try and fix things—- All I want is to listen to music Sirius is good enough for my vehicle I can listen to TIDAL and Qobuz with great SQ on my new iPad Pro on my medical office— I will use ROON in my home system and have great success with it and it’s almost as good as Audirvāna— thanks for the reply

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