Arcam Irdac II missing in action since latest Roon update (1.4 Build 306) [Resolved]

Hello @support ,

It may be just a coincidence but Roon can no longer see my DAC since last week update (1.4 Build 306). My setup: iMac 27’’ mid 2011 / 2,7 GHz Core I5. My network is simple: computer / CAT6 cable / router / CAT6 cable / Allo Usbridge / Audioquest JitterBug / Nordost Blue Heaven USB cable / Arcam IRDACII. Roon is still detecting the Allo on the network but not the DAC. No other mods to the setup prior to the issue. Rebooted / reconnected everything a few times, no luck.




Hi @Bruno_Cardinal ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated!

Continuing forward, can you please verify the following information for me:

  • Have you tested with a different USB cable between the Jitterbug and the irDAC II?

  • If you temporarily bypass the Jitterbug and go from the Allo UsBirdge to the irDAC II what is the experience like?

  • Are there any issues if you mound the irDAC II directly to your iMac?


Hello Eric,

Thank you for your support. The DAC is easily recognized by Roon when plugged directly to my iMac via the same components (Jitterbub and Nordost usb cable). Not sure what to test next.


Thank you for verifying that information for me @Bruno_Cardinal, very appreciated :+1:

Being as the ALLO is still being recognized by Roon I would kindly like to ask you to confirm what the experience is like with irDAC II mounted directly to the unit via USB.

Looking forward to hearing your observation!

Hello Eric,

When the DAC is connected to my iMac with the components described earlier, it just works (exactly as before I added the Allo to my system a few months ago). See 2nd photo.

I have a second Arcam IRDAC2 on hand, and I experience the same problem with this one when connected to the proper USB output of the Allo Usbridge (same cables).


Hello @Bruno_Cardinal,

Following the instructions as shown here, can you see if your Allo device is recognizing the Arcam using its WebGUI? If the Allo cannot see the Arcam in the WebGUI, this would indicate that the issue lies somewhere in the software or hardware configuration of the Allo.


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Good evening John,

I was about to fiddle with the web gui of the Allo when I stumble upon a solution to the problem: changing the port of the network cable feeding the Allo in my router router brought back the Arcam online, for whatever reason. So all is good now, thx to you and Eric for your support.


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