Arcam SA20 Roon Endpoint?

has anybody used the arcam sa20 intergrated amp as a roon endpoint or can it be used as a roon endpoint?
I was looking at the cyrus one hd amp now im interested in the arcam sa20 as an all in one don’t really want more boxes by adding dacs or streamers if I can help it.
thank you for any help

No it’s not Roon ready you can only use it as an amp and feed it from another endpoint or use a UPnP bridge from the likes of Sonore. The A30 is listed on their site as being a Roon endpoint but not Roon Ready so maybe its using Chromecast as it’s not listed as a Roon partner or any announcement has been made.

Actually the sa30 does work as a Roon endpoint, although not yet officially certified.
It’s not without software problems, so a new firmware from Arcam is highly anticipated.
Don’t know about the sa20 though.

thank you guys for the info