Arcam SA30 integrated Amp - How good is it?

Hi all, looking for some advice.
I found an absolute bargain on the Arcam SA30 and seriously considering buying one at the price it is available.

I have read terrible stories around firmware bricking devices etc, which immediately made me concerned.
So if anyone has one and wants to pass along any pertinent information I would be happy to hear it.

I am currently using a BlueSound PowerNode 2i and been pretty happy with it’s Roon Ready status but looking for some improved SQ.

The trade off seems to be:


  • List item Fantastic Sound quality with Class A at low end and G at high volume.
  • List item Finally Roon Ready and seems reliable from my reading.
  • List item Current firmware version seems to be reasonably stable
  • List item Dirac Live included with Microphone.


  • List item Serious issues with firmware updates
  • List item People having to return bricked devices and being without music
  • List item Does not have automated Sub Woofer Management.

That’s my list thanks

It’s all about the deal. How good is it? And if the deal is that good, then yes. You can always resell it or repurpose.

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That is what most of the people on the threads seem to say and rate it higher that the Hegel H190.
Even those that have had to return them or had problems with them seem to love them.

Thanks for the quick feedback

No problem. I .not a fan of the Node 2i, either as a streamer or a DAC, yet, I have one because $200 new was too good a deal.

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I have the PowerNode and it actually works pretty well.
But that damned audio thing of always wanting something better, and this appears much better indeed.
:see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Thanks for the advice yesterday Daniel, purchase completed this morning.
30% off something I was seriously tempted to by at full price was way too good a deal to pass up. Everywhere else it seemed to be full price.

Now I have to be patient and wait until Wednesday, and sadly I am away Wednesday-Friday working.
Might have to use the petrol supply issue in my area as an excuse not to travel :grin:

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You may find you now need to update your speakers to go with the improved amplification. :wink:

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Well I should be quite happy with my Dali Oberon 5’s for the near future as they sound good with everything I have tried so far, but I plan to upgrade them next Autumn when I hit the 55 mark.
The amp and speakers were going to be my retirement present, but at least one has been brought forward.

Getting the Sub set up well looks like it might be fun but I might swap my Rel T5 and Oberon over and use the high level from the speakers. Going to be fun to find out.

Do I remember you having an Arcam amp as well as your Naim or maybe I am confused.

Yep have an Arcam AVR in my setup it feeds the Naim now via its preouts for the front speakers when watching tv and movies. I used it for music until I got the Naim as it was very good for music given it is an AVR one of the reasons I got it. It was a bargain as I got it when it was EoL so got it at 2/3 original price. I got the bug to want a Roon Ready device as was using a pi at the time and picore player , Ropieee wasnt a thing then and I had come from LMS. So the Naim was about the only one about at the time and I got it at a the original launch price of 1695 from my dealer it was delayed at launch and the cost went up as a result. The amps now sell for way more so it was a good investment. Likely retain what I paid or get more.

I did contemplate getting an SA30 a while ago and trade in my Naim as it had a run of bad firmware upgrades causing me issues, but their support was so good I stayed and I do like their sound. I may yet just go back to the Arcam in the front room and use the Atom in my office as I don’t get as much time to listen in the front room as I would like.

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Yes the firmware issues still exist to some extent though the feedback now seems to be much better.
But at £1,500 compared to the £2,200 in most stores it was too good an offer, and with a 5 year warranty I felt it was a good buy and if it get’s bricked then I will send it back for repair, though it seems they can now be restored via USB so it tends to happen less.

My search for a higher end amp is hopefully over for now :wink:

I was looking at the Naim you have (£2,700 so you got an absolute bargain as well), the NAD M10 V2, the CA Evo 150 (which was what I almost bought on Friday) and a couple of Rotel amps that are not RR but could be fed from my Matrix Audio over XLR.
Hopefully I have made the right long term decision, but only time will tell.

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You made the right choice. Arcam are not too fussy and seem to pair nicely with most speakers I found. Naim not so so your Dalis will be fine. As for the user experience I can’t comment but from what I read Arcam has a way to go yet it seems in this area. But if Roon works their app is likely never going to be used.

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I have the ARCAM ST60 which is basically the SA30 without the Integrated amp/Dirac section and it’s amazing. I got it before it was Roon Ready so I did pass for all the certification process experimenting with 2 or 3 firmware updates and none of them bricked my unit. It has been 15 months since I got it and still impress me how good the sound is and how reliable/Roon friendly is. Just last month, it got a newer firmware update that enabled TIDAL and Spotify Connect. Pretty sure you are going to love the SA30 and the price you paid is really a very good deal.

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Thanks Enrico starting to feel good about it now.

Always an issue when you read forum’s.
When I read the Roon forums I wonder how Roon ever works so visiting Arcam forums seems to be no difference :rofl:

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It’s easier to moan than give praise.

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Congrats @Michael_Harris - Arcam make great amps, I’m sure you’ll be delighted with it. Look forward to hearing your impressions. I’ve had a fair bit of Arcam gear over the years and, with the exception of their AVRs which are a bit unreliable, it’s all been excellent.

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Thanks Rockhound, I just have to show some patience now, should be easy enough :thinking:

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Hey Michael, did you get the SA30?

Hi Enrico yes I did get it and it arrived in the middle of last week.
So far I am loving it, it’s sounding better everyday and so far I am about 30 hours in, and still improving.

Roon integration works great and I had no problem doing the updates, which was one of my concern’s.

Setup the Dirac Live on the weekend which also improved the bass control as well, so I would say I am very happy with it.

Nice bunch of people over at the unofficial Arcam Discourse group as well.


Glad to read you like it. I love my ST60 and planning on keeping it for many years :wink:

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That will be my plan as well :wink: