Arcam SA30 Roon Ready Certified and support [it is Roon Ready now]

I sympathize, sounds like a mess, don’t Disable it until the mess dies down !

I am luckily not involved , RPi and Roipeee which is ok

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yah… it really is… this mess keeps getting worse too… after sept 21, the bad actors in this space wont be able to create any more of a mess.

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Now it’s clear what you are doing I agree wholeheartedly, there are too many “bad actors” out there

Keep Well


I am in exactly the same position as you. I have emailed Arcam for a response. I bought mine and an Nucleus + abs lifetime subscription purely on the advertised comparability.

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That only goes to show how many sales of these companies are being driven by their fraudulent advertising of their equipment as ‘Roon Ready’ when it is not and they full well know that it is not.

I am sure that Roon will come up with a solution for users like you and many others affected by this. Just let’s wait and see…

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I had a reply form Arcam who said:

A vendor violated their agreement with Roon by selling an uncertified unit.
The vendor misrepresented the unit’s capability to drive sales.
In seven months the vendor never bothered to inquire about the status of product they’ve been selling for a while?
Their credibility ain’t so great…
I’m curious @lawrence_Baker, when did you buy your unit? Was it before they sent the unit in to be tested, or after.
Regardless, sorry something that should be enjoyable (music and new kit) is now not so pleasant.

I bought mine in April this year and if my memory serves me right, arcam was advertising as ‘Roon Ready’.

in the main text on link- advertised as ‘Roon Ready’

I remember seeing at advertised as Roon Ready at first then the last time I looked it has become Roon Endpoint. Also all reviews and previews reiterated it worked with Roon.

It says its Roon Ready on the display.

I’m not happy with Arcam at all. I’ll wait to see what answer I get and consider my options then.

Chasing Arcam to certify its SA30 model, the following reply was received:

Hopefully, this will mean SA30 users can avoid issues if Roon follow up its certification in regard to this endpoint.


Hoping to see a response from Roon on this one!

I’m not sure who you spoke to over at Arcam since your post has no mention of the author, but I’d publicly call out this Arcam representative as not having a clue.

The units have been with us, but they failed certification. Arcam’s Senior Director of Global Engineering was informed of this by our certification team, so my guess is that you talked to a support person that is speaking to things they know nothing about.

We have been iterating with Arcam, with them delivering new firmware, followed up by feedback from our certification team. This has been going on for many months, with the latest turn-around being a week ago.

Arcam is being responsive, but for this person to paint this in a manner where we are at fault, is ludicrous. The only thing we are at fault for is having strict standards for the quality of product that we certify. We’ll bring this up with the higher-ups at Arcam, who are working hard to get this done right.



This is the complete email reply:

Thanks… we’ve contacted Arcam with a link to this thread.

I just realized that not everyone over here has seen that we have a workaround for existing customers.

I can’t speak to Arcam’s schedule, but they have been responsive. This will end up good for everyone, just be patient.


I just emailed about the deadlock, and clarity of Roon Ready and Roon Endpoint (wording different now than before) and the reply is promising, waiting for Roon to progress things:

Well, you might think so, but someone at Arcam (silently) changed the wording on their website from Roon Ready to Roon Endpoint at some stage in the last few weeks. Nonetheless, I hope that some good will come out of this, and that you do end up with a properly Roon Certified device.

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Thats the best news so far. I really enjoy the new Arcam SA 30 and I really enjoy Roon. As a 20+ year tube guy with digital on the side, this has been a big leap of faith for me. Digital finally sounds good enough to my aging ears. I love my analog, but Roon makes hunting for music like going to an old huge record store back in the 70’s. I want this to be all sorted out. I have heard glitches and some distortion at times with the Arcam, cured by switching to an analog source and back to Roon. I bet your tech’s have found these issues as well.


That’s my SA30 got an OTA firmware upgrade to 1.41. Are we anywhere near Roon ready yet?