Arcam SA30 with Eversolo DMP-A8 - Best way to setup

I just bought an Arcam SA30 AVR for a great price to go along with my Eversolo DMP-A8. I would appreciate thoughts from the community on the best way to interface theses two pieces for the best sound. I receive the AVR on Tuesday. I plan to use my KEF LS-50 speakers and will connect my REL HT/1205 sub via low level to the Pre Out of the Arcam to get 2.1. The Arcam comes with a Dirac which I am excited about. I am not sure which DAC will be better, but believe the Eversolo will be superior. I also believe I can test both by feeding the Eversolo to both the Arcam’s analog & digital inputs and listening.
Secondly, for TV via eARC, would it be best to go TV to Arcam or Eversolo? As I am only running 2 speakers & sub, would I be better off separating out the TV completely and getting a HQ Soundbar?
Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated.

One of the beautiful things about the SA30 is it’s all in one nature along with it’s excellent Class G Amp. I am a happy owner of one and I have also use it in a 2.1 set-up.

I would say try both options, with Arcam directly with Roon and also feeding it via Optical, Coax and RCA from the Eversolo and see what you enjoy the most.

I have tried my Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 and a Raspberry Pi to external DAC into the SA30 and never saw any benefits over direct Roon playback unless using HQPlayer.

Try them and feed back and enjoy the experience.

You have some experimenting to do. My guess is that for music, the RCA outputs of the Eversolo DMP-A8 will give you the best sound. The AKM DAC set up on the DMP-A8 will have a different sound signature than the ESS DAC in the Arcam, so you should definitely try using one of the digital outputs of the DMP-A8 into your Arcam to see how that sounds. You might like one over the the other. I have a PecanPi + streamer/DAC with the same AKM chips as the Eversolo DMP-A8, and the PecanPi + streamer trounces the sound of any streamers or integrated amps that I have tried with ESS DAC’s.

Using eARC is somewhat of a different issue. You should do a sound comparison between plugging your TV into the Arcam and the DMP-A8. When you do that, you might find the eARC works different or better with one device or the other. When eARC works, it is great. When it does not work well, eARC can be a pain.

Have fun.

Will do Michael. Another question. Shouldn’t Optical & Coax sound the same as both are digital, assuming identical quality cables of course?

Thanks Alan. So the DMP w/AKM chips you believe will be better as I assumed. My TV, being a 6 year old Samsung only has ARC rather than eARC. A new TV may be my next purchase. Should there be any difference in sound eARC vs ARC? Thanks for your input on all of this.

In theory yes, but you often see people prefer one over the other. Personally I use whichever is more convenient.

I also have the Arcam CDS50 SACD player which has it’s own DAC (same as the SA30 from memory). It sounds quite different from feeding the signal via Coax to the SA30, compared to RCA. I much prefer the digital input to the RCA