Arcam ST60 Roon Ready Not certified [resolved: it is now]

Thanks very much … glad I asked

Arcam Support sent me an email to update ST60 via USB through files they put on dropbox. I shared this with my dealer and they installed it. It’s working fine as Roon Ready now, thankfully. My understanding is that a USB update will be forthcoming to avoid this glitch…

Glad to know ARCAM took care of your ST60 issue. What firmware version is now showing your ST60? Could you please post a photo of your System Info screen?

Currently after upgrade:

Version 0.69
Display version 0.69
Images version 1.08
Network version 1164

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Thanks for posting it. Looks the same as mine!!

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My device sw versuon is 0.69 but on the Arcam website is 0.71. what is the latest version?
Thank you.

That is a new firmware posted today by ARCAM and it’s a newest version than the one we have currently (V0.69). I’m updating my ST60 right now.

Update working great

Update went smooth and everything is working great!!

Sound awesome with my ST60,Moon Neo 250i,S.F Sonetto ii and Roon.

Hi. Does anyone have 813 firmware file to share, please ?

May I ask why you need V813? V813 was buggy. V1201, which is the latest is rock solid and have zero glitches.

I managed to make 1201 firmware update and now everything works flawless. Was asking for 813 as first flash attempt didn’t work out as expected.

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could someone tell me how to configure the ST60?
Only Decoder
Only Renderer
I don’t know how it will sound better or what this is for.
Thank you.

When no DSP is activated then the Arcam shows MQA or MQA Studio in the display.
With DSP it’s always RoonReady with the samplerate of the first unfold of Roon, but I hope in the background it will do the second unfold

And without DSP:

That’s exactly the way I have mine setup. Also, if you guys don’t know yet, but there is a firmware update for the ST60. I think it was released last month. TIDAL and Spotify Connect functionality was added.

I mean this:

seems to sound better.
Everything is heard clearer and sharper.
Someone has tried?

Interested in this because I plan to add a proper streamer at some point on our main system (currently Arcam AVR and Chromecast) and it will need to do Spotify as well. I assume this means that Spoitfy Connect now works as it would with e.g. Chromecast and sends signal directly to ST60. How did Spotify work before this update ?

With DSP you need it set as renderer only and Roons MQA decoder should do that first part and maintain MQA signalling.