Arcam ST60 Roon Ready

I finally got the new Arcam ST60 this week. I’ve been using arcam devices for a long time and finally wanted a high-quality Roon ready endpoint to be able to play high-resolution music from my server and from Tidal including MQA.
But now I had to find out that the ST60 in Roon is set to “not certified” and I cannot use RAAT and MQA.
Is it possible to get the developer mode until Arcam has officially completed certification?

Thanks in advance!


Screenshot 2020-12-12 104132

We don’t have that unit in-home yet – turning on developer mode for it isn’t an option because I have no idea how well it works.

Did they sell it to you as “Roon Ready”?

In the meanwhile, it does support Chromecast and Airplay, both of which should be enough to getting MQA working.

Hello Danny,
thanks for your quick response.
Yes they sell it as Roon Ready! The first response from Arcam support was to fill out the form in this community to activate developer mode and get Roon Ready up and running.

Are you in contact to Arcam to get this product Roon Ready?

Unfortunately I can’t tell if MQA really works as I can only set it up in Roon in Chromecast, but with Chromecast, Arcam’s display doesn’t work :frowning:



I am very disappointed with Arcam. They offer a well-equipped network streamer and they forget to get software working.

Is there any other way but to return the device?
I’m now a big fan of Roon, but would also like to use all of the high-resolution features natively.

Best regards

Our Roon Ready team has been notified of this. We’ll straighten them out and get an update on where they’re at in development.

They should not be selling this as Roon Ready, nor should they be telling you to fill out developer forms.

You can wait until they get certified. I’m sure they will be good some day, but my advice as always is to never buy into any company’s promises (including our company). There are too many great products to deal with this type of nonsense.

Hey Danny,
thanks for your quick help.
I asked arcam for a statement and asked whether they are already in contact with your team regarding certification.
Another user writes on my community topic that Arcam said it would take a month.
I hope it ends well as the Arcam has an amazing sound. But without RAAT it is only half the story for such a good device.

Best regards

Hello Danny, the latest feedback from Arcam is from yesterday and says that the device is at Roon for certification. Can you confirm it?

Did you get any more info on Arcam ST60 certification ?.
I am in same position as you and am getting no response from Arcam over this issue.
My dealer is trying to help but not had any news yet so wondered if you knew any more. Like you I’m pretty frustrated by this !!


Hello Mark,
this is the latest reply from Arcam:

*Roon has several families of devices for testing- Uno, SA30, ST60 and Arcam / JBL AVRs. The Uno has completed testing and is certified, the SA30 is being iterated in testing alongside the ST60, and then the AVR devices, which are the most complex.

We are aware of the recent change to how Roon acts with these devices and will be working to complete that testing.

In the meantime, you can learn how to make sure the devices will keep working with Roon at this Roon Community post… []*

I hope we can believe what they write.


You can believe it…

However, just because we have devices doesn’t mean we are testing them constantly.

For example, if a manufacturer gets feedback on what needs to be addressed, the ball is in their court yet we still have the device.

As for progress here, there isn’t any noteworthy status until we announce something.

Hello Martin,

Thanks for the update. The dealer who supplied mine is in contact with Arcam to try and get some information but will probably come back with the same as you were told. If different I’ll let you know.


Hi All,

I manage the partner programs here at Roon.

We are waiting on new firmware from Arcam, my understanding is that they have one prepared to send soon for testing.


Hello Rob,

Thanks for update. When I received my unit 30/11/2020 there was a letter in the box from Arcam saying the box had been opened to make a change for optimum listening quality.
I contacted Arcam to ask what was done and was told it was a firmware upgrade but that’s all I know.


Hi Rob, thanks for this update!
Mark, same with my unit, it was delivered with firmware 0.51 that is now also available at the Arcam homepage.


Hi guys. My Bluesound Node 2 died today so went to Best Buy and ordered the ARCAM ST60 mostly because they sold it me as Roon certified end point. Now I’m reading this thread to find out that it was just a lie. Mine should arrive by Jan 23rd so there are any news about the Roon certification for the ST60? I guess in the meantime I can use it with the ARCAM app but the whole point is to use it with Roon.

There is no status from us. I’d return it. Life’s too short to wait for the future of any product.

Hi Rob
Any new info on the new firmware?

Hello Klas,

The latest I got from Arcam was this.

I can see in the development tracker some Roon certification points to be worked on, and these are in progress, so once those are finished, certification should complete.


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Hello Martin,

I have posted the latest info from Arcam.


Got my Arcam ST60 today. It sounds AMAZING with the MusicLife app and TIDAL HiFi MQA. The MusicLife app is OK but most definitely not even close to Roon. This streamer is a keeper for me even without the Roon certification. I really hope its get it ASAP so I can use Roon and enjoy all the capabilities of this great streamer.

Any news on that?