Integration Topic Again

Last year, there was mention of integration by a member; but the conversation went down the path of discussing tagging of downloaded live music files.

At the risk of getting flamed for failing to understand the complexities of the task, has the topic of hooking into been revisited since this announcement was made?

I don’t use Spotify, and I don’t have YouTube integrated into my piCoreplayer or Roon streamers.

The 78RPM digitization project is of particular interest to me, but I doubt the majority of Roon customers would find listening to groove-worn captures to be an audiophile experience.


Can’t you download albums/tracks and put them in your roon local library? I’ve done a few. Works fine.

Absolutely. But the interface isn’t great for finding local content. And what I was calling out was a request for feature parity with Spotify, etc., as a streaming source. If an API exists perhaps it would be relatively trivial to make it available as a source of content.

There are many Dead shows (e.g. that are ‘stream-only’. What would be excellent would be a feature for similar to the Live radio feature but that allows you to enter the URL (as above) and create a library of resources.


+1’ing this because I would love to listen to Live Music Archive (LiMA) on Roon and also to point out that there’s an app called Relisten - - that is essentially a front end to LiMA. I presume they are hooking into an API, because they are not officially affiliated with

Would love to be able to stream these shows, even if by manually copying/pasting M3U file URLs a la Live Radio station URLs.


+1 Many dead shows are stream only. :frowning:

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Would love an elegant solution here. Integrating into ROON would be a win for both platforms.

I know there are “methods” to accomplish but looking for something more streamed-lined instead of the laborious one show at a time using multiple programs and conversions etc…

A FUSE filesystem implementation would probably work OK for this. It would present to Roon as just another directory to be indexed and identified, but actually be a virtual filesystem that would pull content from the IA. I think you’d have to think about how to configure the virtual back-end so that it wouldn’t try to show all of the IA. One would have to incorporate filters to control how much and what the Roon Core would see of the available content. Stream-only resources would simply present as file content provided by the streams.

A “one-click” solution is probably unlikely for a number of reasons.

But, it would be cool if we could do some kind of group effort to create a database that COULD be a one click thing.

I wouldn’t mind spending an hour ripping, labeling and converting a file or two for access rights to a database. Not unlike the old days with trading bootleg tapes.

A bit late but bumping this one b/c it’s an excellent request. Would love to be able to find and listen to LiMA shows via Roon.