Arctic Monkeys are “unavailable”

Anyone else experiencing this issue? All tracks are “unavailable”

Yes I was getting this too, but the album is available this morning here in the UK

It’s available on Tidal here in Denmark, so it’s a bit strange it’s not available in Roon…

It was the same here in uk too. I could listen to it on Tidal on my DAP, but not on roon. I have the same situation today with the new simian mobile disco album. Roon updates new music slower than tidal apparently

I have the ‘unavailable’ crop up now and again over the past few years. I think it can also happen if Tidal update the versions they have in each region. I’ve had albums in my library that have played for ages then disappear or say unavailable. They usual just need re-adding and I guess the version or source or something changed Tidals side.
The only main annoyance is losing your play history. I do try and buy albums after I’ve streamed them a lot on Tidal - then this situation can’t happen in the future :slight_smile: .

Albums disappearing from Tidal or not playing is a stark reminder of what would happen if Tidal went down. A lot of my library is Tidal now. If you can, it still makes sense to buy your favourites…

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It works now… just updated my ROCK to version 1.5 - maybe that was the problem (the app was 1.5 - ROCK was 1.4)

Same here. Yesterday I could listen to the new Arctic Monkeys album on Tidal in my Mac & iPhone, but the album appeared as unavailable in Roon. Today, it’s available. Also, I can listen to the new Simian Mobile Disco and Beach House records through the Tidal app in my Mac & iPhone, but the albums do not yet appear in Roon. Strange…

We have similar tastes, those are the sane 3 albums I have picked out this week to have a listen to :grinning:

Thought this was just me going crazy!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still the same here in the UK this morning. Will try a reboot.

Tidal copyright data shows it available as of May 12, although the release date was May 11. This seems to happen periodically.

If you added the album on May 11 and Roon shows it as Unavailable, you can either wait until Roon updates the data, which could be a few days or Edit and Identify the album.

Cheers, Greg