Are All DSP Settings Backed Up?

I had a bit of a scare recently… My Roon DSP page, which I’ve invested a lot of time into, was completely blank. I restarted Roon and the DSP settings came back. However, it got me wondering, do I need to find a why to backup my settings (especially PEQ) or is this already handled by Roon’s backup function?

And if this is handled by Roon already, could I restore the backup without over-writing my library database? (IF there was ever the need to get a lost PEQ back, for example.)

I think they are yes. However, I do know that a restore is an all or nothing process. You cannot selectively restore a component such as tags or playlists etc.

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Hi Nick,

I am not an official answer on this, but, I do think Roon backups DSP settings along with everything else in the backup. There is no way, however, to only restore a portion of Roon, i.e, just DSP backups, or, a far more common query, your playlists.

I do think separate backup restores of playlists or DSP settings would be a nice feature.


Thanks Anthony and Rugby.

Adding Import/Export to Roon DSP would be pretty useful beyond backups. Good idea.

I’ll leave this open for an official answer from Roon…