Are curated playlists in tidal updated when pl is imported to Roon/ARC?

Hi, i hope the question makes sense.

Pre-ARC, I always just selected the Tidal section in Roon, when I wanted to play one of the curated playlists in Tidal.
With ARC, there is no Tidal section, just my library with playlists, songs, artists etc. So in order to play the curated tidal playlists, i have then in Roon imported the curated playlist in the tidal section into Roon. My question then is, when this tidal playlist is updated in tidal, will it be accordingly updated also in my Roon playlist? Or will i only be able to play the updated playlist in the tidal section in Roon? (and thereby not able to play the curated playlist in ARC, but only the playlist as it were when i imported it?)

So sorry if i am unclear!


Hi Jesper,

When you import a Tidal playlist into Roon you have effectively made a copy of that playlist in Roon. It does not get updated when Tidal updates the playlist.


thanks, yeah i figured that. Was trying to find a workaround in ARC until ARC becomes more integrated with Tidal.