Are Favorites and other user preferences stored at the user's account level?


I’m new to Roon. I’ve installed the server on my HTPC (Windows 11) and added my music. But I’m planning on formatting my PC in the future. I’m aware of the backup feature, but after formatting, the location of my library will be changed to a remote one instead of a local one.

How would Roon treat a backup restoration if the source location has changed since the backup?

What happens to all of the tracks I’ve marked as favorites? Is this data stored on Roon servers per user account, or is it only stored locally and must be included in a backup?

Is there a way to back up all settings and preferences, besides saving a backup of the User/AppData/Local/Roon folder?


It looks like you can treat this like a move to a new core with slight modifications.
Like in the “Preparation” you don’t have the “new” core ready, but when you do it should have the latest version. You would just need to make sure the “old” core is also on the same version.
Have a read here:

Thanks. But this does not answer my question. Suppose that I’ve marked a specific song as a favorite and also added it to a new playlist, let’s say “Beat it” by Michael Jackson from the Album Thriller, which is located in my current library in the following path D:\Music\Pop\MJ\Thriller.

Now, after doing a Roon backup, and moving my entire library to a new network location: \\AV\Music and at the same time, the album folder Thriller was moved from the folder location Music\Pop\Thriller to a new location Music\Classic Pop\Michael Jackson\Thriller. Then, after formatting the old PC and reinstalling Windows and Roon, then restoring the last backup what would be the answer to these questions:

  1. Will Roon Still find the album Thriller in its new location?
  2. Will Roon remember that the song Beat It was marked as favorite?
  3. Will beat it still be part of the playlist it was last added to?

One last question, what would be the answer to all of the above, if I delete the album Thriller after the backup, and re-download a newer version of it, say one with different metadata (tags) or even a remastered version of the album?

In other words, how smart is Roon when restoring backup into a completely new location after the source was altered but all the music is still there?


I have moved both my Core and my music files to different servers, with different file locations between my old and new Core. If you reformat your W11 HTPC, just make sure you have a recent backup of your Roon database created from within Roon’s backup settings, and ensure that backup is on a drive accessible to the reformatted HTPC (recommended to be on an external drive).

When you reinstall Roon and set the reformatted HTPC to be the Core, select restore from backup during the login process, and restore the backup. Then point Roon’s storage location to the new location of your music files. Roon should find these and as long as the Roon backup matches the files (not their locations), then Roon should restore your files and settings without issues.

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If it was done after the backup the changes you had made to roon metadata would be lost as they are stored in the roon library not in the file metadata.


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