Are Meridian Sooloos items Roon Ready?

I ask as I notice their not on the list published list. I would assume so, but I would like to verify. If so, which ones?

They are not “Roon Ready” in that they do not support Roon’s RAAT protocol.
However, Roon does support the Meridian / Sooloos protocol thus Roon can stream to all the Meridian / Sooloos audio end points.

Hope that make sense.

Thank you Carl. So that means they are not bit perfect? Sooloos is however bit perfect? Do we think M will make the hardware compatible to the roon protocol? So in a critical listening situation, the Sooloos environment would theoretically sound better?

They will sound exactly the same. For Sooloos devices, Roon uses the same Meridian Streaming protocol as Meridian do.

The Roon guys wrote Sooloos and its protocols, after all…

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[quote=“Yetis, post:3, topic:7060”]
So that means they are not bit perfect?
[/quote]Hi again,
No both Roon and Sooloos are bit perfect.
A Meridian endpoint be it driven by Sooloos or Roon will sound the same and in both instances the clock that governs the playback rate is inside the endpoint.

Hope that helps,

Everything the guys are saying is right:

  • Meridian products are not termed RoonReady, because they don’t implement our technology (RAAT) and associated certification requirements.
  • Yes, Meridian products work very well with Roon.
  • There is no difference in sound quality between using Roon and Sooloos to drive Meridian products. Both are capable of bit-perfect operation, and both products speak to the audio devices using the same mechanism.