Are my artists obscure? Can editing be made easier?


I have a large local collection. Out of 3,590 artists nearly 50% - 1,565 of them - do not have an image. Some - 387 - have a biography but no image but 1,178 have neither.

Roon currently lets me add an image but doesn’t let me add biography text.

Adding an image could be made easier - especially when you have a lot to do. At the moment it involves:

  • Use Focus to select artists with image count of zero
  • Select Artist
  • Select Edit
  • Select Add Image
  • Drag and drop image

It would be a LOT easier if you could just drop the image onto the artist in grid view. Somewhat frustratingly, if you drag an image file onto the Roon window in Artist view the pointer changes to show a green circle with + but it doesn’t add it to the artist.

So, 2 requests.

  1. Make it easier to add images to artists. Simple drag and drop onto the artist in grid view would be much better than current. Even better would be if Roon could be pointed towards a folder and automatically add images where the filename matches the artist name.

  2. Enable editing or, more specifically, adding of biography text,


Even better, define a naming convention and a folder users need to adhere to whereby dropping appropriately named images into the folder causes Roon to use those image(s) as the artist image.

Similarly, do the same with biographies and album reviews. Biographies would need a similar naming convention and dedicated folder for all to be stored in. Reviews could be dealt with by recognizing a file REVIEW.TXT or tag e.g. REVIEW and applying same to album on import.

Relatively simple solutions to longstanding issues that have not had any attention since first raised by users. I’m guessing it’s because it relates to local library content, which has been relegated to no priority.


Agre. Saw your comments about users with large local libraries on the 1.7 feedback thread.

Whilst I think that we have to accept that, from a Roon viewpoint, most users - particularly new ones - will focus on streaming it would be good to see a small amount of attention focused on those of us with large local libraries, many of whom probably bought a lifetime subscription in the early days thus providing - as @danny has said elsewhere - funding to support early stages.


Also, think I just found a bug in image aditor for artists - drag and drop doesn’t work if you have already added a local image. I did this:

  • added an image
  • realised I had forgotten to resize it (I normally use 1920 x 1080)
  • resized it
  • tried to add it using drag and drop
  • no change, still used previous image
  • selecting new image using ‘Browse’ option
  • correct image now used

Fully agree with the above; those that have followed the increasing number of feature request threads over the years may note that I have been asking for this feature for a long time. The ability to edit an album description/review or add a new one seems like a no-brainer to me, so I’m not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Having obscure artists and rare items in your library is all part of the fun of building a music collection. In the days before online music and streaming services, this would have involved tracking down these items via shops, mail order companies or friends. Nowadays, there is obviously a move to online streaming. This has its advantages, sure, and Roon seems to have bought into this fully. But this corporate, impersonal ‘spoon feeding’ approach somewhat eats away at the more personal aspects of owning your own collection and slowly digesting what is has to offer. I would love for Roon to allow users to take some control back, which would include allowing them to do what you are suggesting.

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SongKong Music Tagger adds a URL_WIKIPEDIA_ARTIST when it has an artists wikipedia page and URL_WIKIPEDIA_RELEASE for an album wikipedia page, it would be nice if Roon could read these tags and then use the url they contain to get the appropriate page

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