Are my downloads actually being deleted when I disconnect/log out?


I downloaded over 100 GB of music to my iPhone 13 Pro Max via Roon Arc before I went on vacation last week and it worked great. I listened to music my whole flight.

However, yesterday I logged out of Arc and when I logged back in and connected to my server, I checked my downloads and they were no longer appearing in the downloads section, as shown below:

But as you can see here, I clearly still have all the data from the music downloaded to my iPhone:

I see when hitting “Disconnect from Brads-MacBook-Pro” that it says it will delete all my downloads. So… is the downloaded music there or not?

Has this occurred to anybody else? Is there any way to fix this?

Oh never mind, we’re all good! I disconnected from my server again and it did indeed delete my songs, which is what I wanted to do.

I might download them again but I mostly needed them for the plane ride.

Glad to hear you got is sorted @Brad_Westlund! Happy listening :notes: :airplane:

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