Are Roon customers worried? (new offers at Spotify, Apple, Amazon...HiRes?)

Read this:

Don’t worry, live and enjoy Roon music!

Is Nucleus going well?
Can you make good use of your subscription right now?
Do you have the right technology and the best provider?

Three times yes means it works.

Take care of everyone who loves Roon and has a technical problem. Share your experience of using it really well.

Apple is fighting Amazon for 2nd place in the mass market, where Spotify is the undisputed #1. Now all three will soon be doing HiFi, but much is not even offered yet or is half-heartedly implemented. How is that supposed to work on billions of iPhones, Samsungs or Chinaphones with Bluetooth? What speakers does Apple itself offer? How does HiRes get into the ears here?

Qualcomm aptX HD may be a technical hope for many, but there is already a big question mark here in the Roon customer circle with MQA. How can the compression apX be better HD? Is it HiRes?

Roon is the undisputed number 1 in the HiRes niche and only works with partners who also have the great technology to unleash HiRes without compromise.

Roon is very close to the ear of the times with great sound. Here, other niche providers like Tidal or Qobuz have offerings that Roon can leverage.

If everyone wants it, Roon will also find its technical way to bring it to the masses.

Mergers now make more sense in the niche. Where the last 1% of customers are.

There will continue to be a niche in every market and say those customers in the music market:

I like Roon and have invested in Roon…


Roon is not a music streaming service, they’re a metadata centric service aggregator with a proprietary transport protocol (harbouring several advantages). For this reason, its incorrect to group Roon with Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, etc. They are designed to enhance, not compete. IMO, Roon should refocus on collectors with local libraries, but it’s for them to define their market.

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What’s to worry about, none of them play my own files to all my listening zones in the best quality nor curate them in a way I want or like.