Are Roon tags permanent and change the FLAC file tags? [Answered - Roon does not update the files]

Mike and colorsquid, thanks very much for the suggestions. I have two specific tasks and welcome your input on which tagging program might work best for me. I’m not concerned about the cost of the software. I’ll gladly buy software that works. I have a Mac and tagging on that would be the most convenient, but my music server is Windows 10 so I can use a Windows-only program.

(1) A friend ripped over 50 Jazz LPs onto CDs. When I used a LivNAS music server to then rip/copy the CDs into FLAC files, they all came up as unidentified. I foolishly did not type in the track information at the time, so I have 50 unidentified albums with no information. My hope is that Music Brainz can identify some of the music. So, which tagging program might work best for that purpose – MusicBrainz Picard, or Jaikoz; or MusiChi?

There is also a tagging program for vinyl called Vinyl Studio but I have not tried it.

(2) When the LivNAS server ripped hundreds of CDs, it downloaded very low res cover art off the internet. I’d like to download better cover art for some of those. Would any of the tagging programs do that specific task? In other words, leave the data alone and just download cover art?

Thanks for your help!

I very much doubt that a tagger is going to recognise LPs masquerading as CDs. As I understand it the software is looking for identifying characteristics of a particular commercial CD release. I would have thought you will need to type all the info in. Will go find art.

Several of these taggers utilize Music Brainz. Jaikoz, for example, says that “Many of the songs also have an Acoustic Id provided by Acoustid, allowing a song to be identified by the actual music, so it can do a match even if you have no metadata!”

Whether it will work is the question. And work on older LPs of jazz.

Thanks very much for the recommendation of Bliss for cover art! I checked Sonos for the maximum size they allow, which is 1024 x 1024 pixels and 320 kb for an iPad. Does anyone know if JRiver can use cover art up to that size limitation? I couldn’t find a size limit stated on JRiver.

For Roon, I assume it can use that max size or Roon will simply download its own cover art as is explained in the User Guide.

You might be able to get the odd song recognised but not the LP it came from.
I don’t think there are resolution limits for room for display.

There are basically three way to automatically identify albums:

  1. Create a checksum based on length of each track on CD then look it up in database, this is what is done when you have the actual CD, used by iTunes dbPoweramp etc.Only works for CD’s and can sometimes get completely wrong album because happens to have same track times.

  2. Look at the metadata in the existins songs (e.g artist/abum) and compare them with online database. This relies on your songs already having metadata and can be error prone, works for any format.

  3. Calculate acoustic fingerprint per song and look up in database, works for any format but is song not album centric.

The solution used by Jaikoz/Songkong is a combination of 2 &3, 3 accurately identifies the song, 2 augments this and helps to ensure find the correct album as well.