Are Ropieee and Roon compatible with the Infineon KIT_40W_AMP_HAT_ZW

Infineon has a new Raspberry pi hat, KIT_40W_AMP_HAT_ZW. Is this new hat compatible with Roon and Ropieee?

You need to ask Harry …


If you get one send Harry feedback and he can probably get it added

I’ve pushed this over to the #audio-products:ropieee area

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Hi @Michael_Hoban,

afaik this HAT is only available for the Raspberry Pi Zero, which is not supported by RoPieee.


I have a pi zero DAC hat but it does still work on a Pi 3/4 just mounting and support is only on the PIO side

So you can use this HAT on a regular Pi? In that case I’ll add it.

Spockfish Harry, it is also supposed to be compatible with Raspberry pi 4 through the standard GPIO. I just ordered one and I’ll let you know if I can get it working.



I’ve added it to the beta channel.
Stable release will be out later this month, but at least you can use it with the beta channel.

Let me know how it goes.


Spockfish Thanks, Harry.