Are there any alternative to MS200 & MS600 for Sooloos?

This might seem an odd question but not in the light of me wanting to sell Sooloos gear but retain the MS600.

I need an end point as the audio board on the C10 is stuffed but I’m out of touch with the later Meridian items so need to find an alternative to the MS600 so the Sooloos system here can be sold.

Suggestions please or where to find suitable items for a prospective buyer?

Wow Roon has changed the situation here!!!


Cheapest standalone Sooloos audio point is the MS200. You should be able to pick them up at a heavy discount to the RRP. To find them a WTB ad on the Hitchhikers’ Guide to Meridian website may well elicit some leads.

You can of course use the output of a Mac or PC running a ControlMac or ControlPC.

Sell it with a new MS200, keep the MS600. They are discounted in the latest Meridian winter promotion.
Just a thought, you may struggle to sell the C10 anyway as computers have moved on so much and any buyer will have the Roon option too.
Good luck, Chris

Have a look at the Roon website for partners. You will find a ton of brands and devices that will do what your MS200/600 can do…all at prices from £40 to £20000.

The game has changed for sure.

The least costly MS600 equivalent (network in to DAC with analog out, with quality sound) that I’m aware of is a SonicOrbiter by Sonore (network in, USB out) feeding an Audioquest Dragonfly, for $300 +$100. There are cheaper options for DIY enthusiasts.

I use that on my bedside table to feed my headphones. Fully acceptable, next to my nosebleed-priced main rig.

used Logitech Transporter.

Speaking as a Roon user, I have a mixture of Meridian and Squeezebox endpoints. Roon cannot currently group endpoints of different technologies, which means that I would definitely consider a RAAT endpoint option.

Raspberry Pi with Digi+ or Dac+ hat depending on your needs is a pretty cost effective solution. Even better quality is a Kali reclocker and a Piano 2.1 Dac if you want to go the internal dac route.